Television: Narrowing It Down

So I can strike two shows off my viewing list. (You may remember in my previous post I was agonizing over everything I wanted to watch.) I tried Crisis in Six Scenes, which is that Woody Allen thing on Amazon. Boring. Not funny. Didn't even finish the first episode. I was like, "What am I supposed to be getting from this? Cuz I'm getting exactly nothing." Well, okay, one less thing to watch.

And then I switched over to the second episode of Luke Cage. But I really can't get into that show either. The politics of the urban underworld just don't interest me in the least. So, much as I like the character of Luke Cage, this story isn't for me. Another thing I can cross off.

This is progress!

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Christine Rains said...

I'm stuck at the second episode of Luke Cage too. I have no desire to watch it except to say that I watched it. I don't love or hate the bad guys. I have no interest in mob or gangster stuff. If I could watch it on fast-forward, maybe I'd do it!