Television: Timeless, "The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln"

Lucy boarders dangerously on "helpless." I get that she's sort of overwhelmed to be time traveling; who wouldn't be? But I need her to have a bit more backbone.

In this episode—surprise!—Lucy, Wyatt and Rufus travel to the time and place of Lincoln's assassination. The show doesn't seem to want to delve too deeply into the racial politics of any given time, I've noticed. It touches on them, of course, as it must. But "touch" is the operative word here. Maybe we'll get deeper stuff as the show becomes more established, or maybe the writers and creators are determined to keep things light. Tough to tell.

Meanwhile, Lucy is again confronted by Flynn, who continues to drop obscure hints about Rittenhouse or whatever. Jesus, why not just tell her outright? It's clear we're leading up to Connor Mason being the true villain, right? Instead of dancing around it, maybe they should just up the stakes.

I'm still enjoying the show. But I can see all these pitfalls, these places where it may begin to fall apart, and I'm really hoping it doesn't.

As for this particular episode, the lingering question continues to be whether they should attempt to change history or not. Their being there necessarily changes history in some ways anyway, but it's kind of like Star Trek's Prime Directive in that they are supposed to not interfere any more than they have to in order to catch Flynn. I don't have much to say about the plot here in particular except that it was sweet to have Lincoln's son ask Lucy on a date of sorts. I honestly felt chemistry there and was led to wonder what would happen if someone were to fall in love in another time and then have to leave. Potential for lots of drama there.

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