Eddie Izzard: Work in Progress at the Brava Theater

What you can't see in that picture are his awesome nails and his lovely heeled boots (very similar to a pair I own).

Now I've seen Eddie live twice before this night: once for his Sexie tour and once for Stripped. Both of those were very good, but I think what he did for this WIP was the funniest I'd seen him. I'm not going to give away any of his jokes, but let's just say that while the name of his coming tour is Force Majeure, it could easily be subtitled "Eddie Explains the Universe." Covering topics such as atheism, human sacrifice, squirrels on a photo shoot, and the equestrian sport of dressage (not at the same time, mind), Eddie brought his trademark marriage of encyclopaedic knowledge + common sense = "funny when you look at it like that."

Do wonder why he has it in for Steve, though. (Steve, on the other hand, knows why.)

Also, does Bacchus have horns? I thought that was Pan. I mean, I took a lot of Classical History in college (was my minor), but . . . I could be remembering wrong. And though I'm sitting here typing this on a computer, I'm too lazy to open another tab and look it up.

Now I'm curious to see how the final product turns out, though sadly I don't see the US on his current list of tour dates. May have to wait for the DVD.

In short, if you like Eddie's previous work, I see no reason why you wouldn't like this just as much. In some ways it's more of the same, but really there are a lot of interesting topics in the world, and each of Eddie's shows is just him covering more ground (or sometimes the same ground from another direction). It's a one-sided conversation to be sure—or maybe more of a lecture—but always a fascinating one. And always funny, too.

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