Actors: Jeff Bridges

I love him.

Here is someone who makes it look easy. He naturally inhabits every role, so that his characters always seem like real people. Even when they live inside video games. Amazing.

There's nothing more painful and awkward than watching someone try too hard. In acting especially, trying too hard is the ultimate failure. Unless your character is someone over-the-top, as an actor you should never seem so.

This isn't to say acting isn't hard work. It is. Some roles are harder than others, and sometimes the hardest ones are the ones that look easy.

So kudos to Mr. Bridges. Who for some will always be The Dude, but for me will ever first and foremost be Prince Lir. Come on, sing it with me: "I've had time to write a book about . . ."

Okay, maybe not all of it was easy. But it's all been fun to watch. Thanks again, Mr. Bridges, for the years of entertainment.

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