Bond at 50: Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace

So after watching the Timothy Dalton films, and the Pierce Brosnan ones, we come to Daniel Craig, who has become my favorite incarnation of Bond. What I enjoy about these films is the gritty reality (yes, I know that sounds silly when talking about a super spy who uses crazy gadgets, but it's all relative). By resetting the franchise back to the start, the Craig-as-Bond films allow us to view a progression. At first, he's not actually very good at what he does. This is not the suave and debonair James Bond who knows how he likes his martini. He's rough-edged and cockier than he has reason to be. This makes him much more interesting as a character, and Craig inhabits the role well.

Too, Craig and Dench (as M) have real chemistry. It was smart of the writers/creators to see it and give Bond and M strong interactions that capitalize on that.

All I can really say is how much I look forward to whatever Bond movie comes next. Meanwhile, I'll be resetting the clock and going back to watch the Sean Connery films.

Oh, but can I just point out, in specific regards to the box set, it's kind of lame that Quantum of Solace doesn't have the same disc menu? I mean, I know why they didn't bother, but if you're going to make something this nice, go all out instead of stopping just short.

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