A friend of mine from high school is dying of cancer. She's leaving behind three young boys. I can only imagine (and as a writer, I have a very vivid imagination) what she must be going through, and her family, and it has served to remind me:

No matter how frustrated I get with my work, or my world, I am really a truly blessed or lucky or however you like to think of it. Because I'm healthy, my family is healthy . . . My struggles are not life and death, not a question of where my next meal is coming from or whether I'll wake up in the morning.

If you're equally lucky or blessed, I would like you to consider donating to Kristin's cause. There can be nothing worse than knowing you're leaving your children short one parent, one caretaker—and boys, as we all know, need their mothers. A boy's mother is the one who teaches him how to treat a lady. But if we can't give Kristin her health and her boys their mother, we can at the very least, give Kristin and her family some peace of mind in knowing her children will be taken care of. The money goes into the boys' 529 accounts for their college funds. I know if it were me (and I have three kids of my own), I would be thinking of them and their futures so much more than worrying about myself.

And remember to say a thank you to God or the Universe every day you wake up healthy and without want.

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