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This is in response to a blogfest going on today:

I'm M. I used to live on the East Coast [of the US] but now I live on the West Coast and travel semi-regularly to London besides. I hope one day to have a flat in London that I can live in half the year and rent out the other half.

I'm originally from the South. I don't like cold or snow. I do love to swim and travel.

I'm a Sherlock Holmes aficionado and write bestselling Holmes stories but also write other things, including a series of novellas about a gay British spy. I've had plays produced and one of my screenplays won a contest and got a professional table read at Sundance a few days ago.

On top of all this, I also write reviews of television, movies, books, and music here [note: this refers to the site you are currently reading] and have started a site for flash fiction here (feel free to submit something).

Just for fun I sometimes carry Sherlock dolls. They have their own blog from which to complain of my treatment of them.

My children honestly believe I can turn into a big, white, fire-breathing dragon. It's probably wrong and will mess them up for life, but I allow them to continue believing this because it works to my benefit in getting them to behave.

I'd say I'm crazy, but I feel I'm too aware of my neuroses to be truly insane. That is to say, in order to be really crazy, you can't know you're crazy. Right?

And if you want to know what I look like (for some reason I get a number of e-mails asking about this), click on the Gallery tab at the top of the page [note: this refers to the PepperWords site]. (Hair color subject to change without advance notice.)
My hair has been brown, red, blonde, pink, purple, and is currently a mix of auburn streaked with blonde and blue and purple. I like to keep people guessing.

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