Apologies. Blogger Sucks Again.

Evidently Blogger is having issues with the way text wraps and breaks. They are ostensibly "working to resolve the issue." Until then, there is not much I can do except wonder what they did in the first place that would cause such a problem.

If they don't fix it soon (because I've had Blogger issues go on for, oh, 18 months), I will try a new template. It won't be as "dynamic," but perhaps less problematic.

ETA: I gave up. So while this template may not be as cool as the old one, at least it is functional.


Roland D. Yeomans said...

Sorry about your blogger problems. I actually like this new template. How did you like the second episode of ALMOST HUMAN? I think it will be a good show. Hang in there. :-)

M said...

Hey, Roland! Thanks for trying to cheer me up. My thoughts on Almost Human ep 2 ("Skin") are here. In short, it has its moments . . . And I want more of those moments.