Television: Doctor Who, "Dark Water"

They pretty well telegraphed Danny getting hit by the car, so the scene didn't have the (ahem) impact it could have. Also, Clara should/would have heard the phone clatter when it fell, right? Yes, even though she was babbling. That's the kind of noise one doesn't not notice.

And then the Nethersphere insignia gave the rest away, so that by the time we got to the actual dark water demonstration it was really more a confirmation.

I liked Seb, though, and Dr. Chang. And Danny continues to be the best of the three central characters, even when he's dead.

Capaldi, though, is definitely finding his stride in the role. Now if only there were better plots . . . Missy being the Master feels like yet another rehash.

Clever, I suppose, of the Cybermen to quietly build an army out of dead people, though I wonder how they take the lifeless and give them life. Or do they only need the organic material? But no, Danny still exists in some form (physically as well as his personality), so . . . How? And are they digging up these bodies or what? Swapping them out in the morgue or something? Resurrectionists gone all wrong, but whatever.

No, look, a person dies and there is a funeral. And the person goes to the Nethersphere (or Promised Land or whatever you like to call it). Well, their spirit goes, anyway. Because the body is in the ground or whatever. But the two are connected. That's what Seb told Danny. So . . . The Cybermen aren't using bodies? Just "spirits"? Except they all had skeletons in them, so there were bodies of some kind in the suits. It doesn't quite add up is all I'm saying.

And why unleash the Cybermen now?

And why are they taking orders from Missy? How does she control them?

And why didn't she just let them convert Dr. Chang instead of killing him? (Or is that an act of mercy on her part? Was Chang her companion in a way?)

Well, whatever. It seems Danny is on the verge of deleting his personality (back to factory settings?). What does that leave the Cybermen? If Danny's body is buried or going to be cremated, and his personality is deleted, what use do they have for him?

I should probably stop trying to find any logic in this. I'm pretty sure there's not any. But if I'm missing something, feel free to leave a comment.

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