Television: Doctor Who, "Death in Heaven"

What Moffat has proven this season (so far) is that he can't write more than one thing. Doctor Who and Sherlock have become the same show with different characters.

The Doctor = Sherlock — snarky and brilliant, grudgingly helping people and having one particular companion though reluctantly willing to widen his circle to include a handful of others; on some level he craves recognition while simultaneously shunning it

Clara = John — trusted companion, the only one able and willing to stand up to the title character's snark, the person most important to that character

Danny Pink = Mary — the one stealing the companion away from the title character

Missy = Moriarty — bat-shit insane shadow version of the title character, desperate to prove to the title character that they are alike; there is a constant battle of wits involved between this character and title character

(And one supposes Kate would be Mycroft.)

Same fucking show. Seriously.

As for the episode itself . . . We left off with Danny trying to decide whether to delete himself. So . . . He didn't, I guess? Way to drop the ball there, guys. Then we get the whole story of how all the dead people's personalities have been "uploaded" into a "cloud." So now I want to know if Missy went back in time and collected every person ever to upload. Cuz . . . Really?

Now somehow this "cloud" becomes the real thing, and when it rains (which it only does over cemeteries, and the water trickles into morgues or something), these clouds pollinate those places to make the dead into Cybermen. Like, these little "seeds" of Cybermen allow what? The dead bodies to grow Cyber shells? What about dead children? I didn't see any of those for some reason. They'd need to be smaller, right? Cyber babies? Probably not very handy for an army, but how does one determine which bodies do and don't get pollinated? And how can you be sure the same personalities will go to their original bodies? (Danny did, amazingly enough, but again, really? What are the odds?)

After the Cybermen blast off, UNIT says they can't get into St. Paul's. Why not? They should be able to go in through the roof at least, considering it's wide open.

And then, when Cyber Danny saves Clara, why does he take her to the single most dangerous place: a cemetery? Which, btw, should have been full of churned-up graves. But despite there being a lot of Cybermen just standing around, the ground appeared untouched.

Finally, why are there on-off switches for the inhibitors? And if Danny's is off, does that mean Cybermen are "born" with it off? Were they waiting for someone to come flip them all on? Once it's on, can it not be turned back off? I just don't even see why there's an inhibitor switch in the first place. Except, you know, plot. Which was clearly not thought out very well.

If you could plant a Cyber seed in every grave, why even bother uploading personalities into any of them? What's the use if you're only going to switch that bit off anyway?

Peter Capaldi is turning out to be such a great Doctor. I just wish they'd write some better stories for him.

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