Television: Gotham, "Harvey Dent"

Despite the title, the episode didn't really revolve around Dent in any serious way. It merely established his character, which is a bit pathological (gee, surprise).

The story of the week was of a mentally ill prisoner with a thing for bombs being abducted by the bad guys so that he could help them blow their way into a bank. The prisoner tries to do the right thing and ends up in Arkham for his troubles. I know the show is called Gotham, but they sure are laying it on thick, just how screwed up the city is. It breeds all these villains and, eventually, heroes . . . But I don't know, I can't quite get behind this level of maladministration. Rather than being compelling, I just find it really annoying.

Meanwhile, Gordon has the fab idea of having Selina go live at Wayne Manor for a while so as to protect her as a witness to the Wayne murders. Selina gives a description of the killer to a sketch artist, and Dent tries to strong arm some bigwig into believing they have him directly linked to the crime. Of course the bigwig doesn't buy it; he outright laughs in Dent's face, which sends Dent a bit over the edge. Then Dent goes back to Gordon and assures him that they've got the bigwig on the run. Liar. But we already knew that, didn't we? We already know a lot of this stuff.

Oh, and Penguin makes a token appearance by figuring out Liza works for Fish. Ta-da!

I mostly enjoy the little bits of Nigma we get and look forward to his story blooming. The stuff between Bruce and Selina was kind of cute, if somewhat heavy handed. I do enjoy Alfred and Bruce's interactions.

Still, I sometimes ask myself why I'm still watching. And I keep hoping something will pay off and make my devotion worth it. So far I continue to find the show middling.

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