Television: Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., "The Things We Bury"

I'll admit up front I wasn't really paying much attention.

There was Coulson and the team looking for the city the alien(?) map indicated.

And there was Ward kidnapping and eventually killing his brother the senator. (I have to say it was pretty obvious to me that Ward was wired and looking to get his brother to say very specific things. Gah. So predictable.)

Also really predictable: that the woman in the flashbacks (Sierra from Dollhouse) was Skye's mother. I mean, seriously, there are some things about this show that have become too paint-by-number. But that's the whole Marvel series/universe, I guess. Formulaic.

There was probably some other stuff, too, that I'm forgetting. Like Hunter and his ex getting it on. Oh, right, because she'd been interrogating Bakshi and then he had a suicide capsule in his jawbone or whatever.

Mostly there was an obvious effort to link the upcoming Agent Carter series to this one in the hopes of garnering ratings for it.

Whatever. Sadly, I kind of didn't care.

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