Television: Selfie, "Even Hell Has Two Bars" & "Don't Block Cookies"

This show continues to get better, largely due to a great supporting cast of characters. (Except Freddy. I really don't like Freddy.)  I was just wondering when they'd get around to the singing, and what happened? The boss broke into song. Perfect.

I still do take issue with the fact that Eliza is not making any progress, and that there seems to be an effort by the writers to reform Henry instead. Maybe they're kowtowing to the demographic; younger viewers won't see anything wrong with Eliza's self-centeredness and constant texting and tweeting. But I'm also not sure how many younger people are watching this show.

At least in the second episode that aired ("Don't Block Cookies") Henry proved he doesn't need Eliza to help him get a girl. While, yes, he's a tad oblivious when people flirt with him, he at least doesn't fall for Eliza and Charmonique's plan. Instead he stands up for himself and his principles, and I liked that very much. Bonus that he lands a woman much more his type at the end of the episode.

Honestly, I've come to enjoy Selfie more than I would have expected. The first two or three episodes were a little shaky, but it seems to have hit its stride.


Sheena-kay Graham said...

I'm not into the selfie movement or the show. Whether or not it gets cancelled is up to the ratings and the viewership has been fluctuating.

M said...

Well, it was just announced that ABC will burn off the remaining episodes and not order any new ones. So Selfie is, effectively, cancelled.