Television: Elementary, "All My Exes Live in Essex"

This episode touches on, then shies from, marriages involving multiple partners. By which I mean two men married to the same woman, or two couples married to each other, or so on.

In this case, the central mystery is the death of an infertility/IVF doctor whose skeletal remains are discovered in the organ donor part of the hospital. Whoever killed the woman (Abby Campbell) knew how to strip and reassemble a skeleton.

And then it turns out Abby is married to two men in a triangular relationship. But she'd previously been part of a six-way relationship, and there was some bad blood regarding Abby having put the down payment on the house they all shared.

Then other tidbits crop up, including the fact Abby was giving embryos to a friend doing stem cell research. And was collecting blood from members of her cancer support group.

Truth is, though, it's pretty clear from early on whodunit. So despite all the herrings, I wasn't surprised by the reveal.

A secondary plot involved a police officer named Cortes making inquiries about Watson. When Watson confronts her, Cortes first blows her off then admits she doesn't like consultants. The police should do their own jobs in Cortes' opinion. (Watson also discovers Cortes didn't get a promotion because Gregson didn't take the job he was offered last season, and Cortes may blame Watson's research for that.) Cortes hints she may look into the reason Holmes and Watson were suddenly allowed to start consulting again. Holmes tells Watson to settle the feud the old-fashioned way, and so Watson boxes Cortes. We don't see the fight, but Watson returns pretty beat up yet tells Holmes she landed the last punch.

I can admire the desire to up the tension by throwing in a new adversary, but I wasn't wowed by the Cortes thing. Her fixation on Watson in particular is a bit off-putting, which it's meant to be, but . . . I don't know. Something about it didn't flow for me.

Also, Jonny Lee Miller has been making a lot of strange faces lately. I feel like he's exaggerating his expressions more than usual. It's distracting.

Still, a fair episode overall. I'm enjoying this season a bit more than the last.

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