Television: Limitless, "Arm-aggedon"

This show is just so . . . It amuses me no end. Sock puppets? Sure, I think in sock puppets. Actually, I think in stuffed animals, which I keep strategically situated throughout the house so that I can pretend I'm talking to someone other than myself. But whatever.

Whoever writes this . . . It's so tight, and funny, with just the right amount of pathos. For example, in this episode Brian must (a) figure out how and who is hacking prosthetic arms and causing their users to do things they don't want to do, and (b) admit to his dad that he doesn't want to sue the FBI and quit working for them because, hey, he likes it!

Also, sock puppets. And kittens. I mean, how can you say no to that?

Limitless is a well-made show in a very different way from something like Fargo or The Leftovers, not least because it's a network show. These days, being held to network standards can feel like something of a handicap—you can't swear as much, you can't be as graphically violent. At a time when cable shows get all the attention and accolades, doing network television can feel like a losing battle. But Limitless manages to entertain me as much as those other shows, and in a very novel way. Plus it's great when I don't feel like watching something heavy. So in my book it wins.

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Sheena-kay Graham said...

Limitless is an amazing show. Until recently I used to live tweet with fans and people really love the show.