Books: Very British Problems by Rob Temple

This book has been on my wish list for a while (along with Very British Problems Abroad, which seems currently unavailable where I am), and my in-laws bought it for me for my birthday. It's a quick and funny little read, the kind of book you leave in the loo for guests in case they didn't bring in their phones. (Hmm. That previous sentence correctly pluralizes subjects and verbs but also makes it sound as if more than one guest is using the loo at any given time . . .)

I was tempted to go through and check off each "problem" I suffer, but most of the book would have been marked up, and I cringe at the idea of defacing a book, especially a new one. As it was, I took pains not to bend the spine.

This isn't laugh-out-loud funny. It's more gravely nodding-in-agreement funny. And that only makes sense if you suffer from VBP. There is a handy quiz in the book to self-diagnose whether you do. I scored quite high though not perfectly.

Maybe you'll laugh out loud if you don't suffer from VBP? Because then you'd be laughing at people who do, I suppose. But I can't think about that too much; that way lies madness.

Seriously, though, a cute book and a fun read. And if you like the book follow the Twitter @SoVeryBritish too.

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