"Documents" pt. 7

My daughter wanted to get back to Hux and whatever he's been doing.

(Part 6 is here.)


“Who are you to interrogate me?!” Hux bellowed.

The lieutenant took a couple quick steps backward. “No one . . . Supreme Leader?” The last part came out wobbly, questioning.

“I told you—I told everyone—things are well in hand,” said Hux. “We will return to Edowan when the time is right.”

The lieutenant bowed. “Then we will continue to formulate an invasion plan. The terrain makes it very difficult.”

“If the Resistance can land there, we can,” Hux told him. “They have taken our Supreme Leader from us. We will finish them.”

“Long live the Supreme Leader,” the lieutenant said with another bow.

Hux waved a dismissal and the man retreated with unseemly haste. Though Hux had taken the mantle of Supreme Leader with equal speed, he had yet to sit on Kylo Ren’s throne. Not out of any sense of honor for Ren, but because Hux thought the throne and the room itself were ridiculous. All of Ren’s dark brooding condensed into a single space. A tactical room would be much more suitable. Hux made a mental note to get someone in to change things over.

What he wasn’t in any hurry to do was return to Edowan. Not because he harbored any feeling for the Resistance; Hux wanted to see them crushed as badly as ever. But besides the strategic difficulties, Hux had the nagging, bothersome feeling that his blast had failed to kill Ren. If he sent troops to Edowan and they discovered Ren . . .

The Resistance was failing in any case. They could not last much longer. And if they found Ren first, they’d surely finish him off. Give it a little time, then swoop in and put an end to everything. Both Ren and the Resistance would be extinct.

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