"Documents" pt. 9

Been a while since we had some more Star Wars story!

Part 8 is here.


Kylo opened his eyes. Everything hurt, more than before if that was even possible. That damn Stormtrooper… The pilot...

Kylo sat up, his body protesting in a dozen places. The room—cell—was nothing but hewn rock with a couple of sconces affixed to the wall that did little to light the room. They hadn’t even given him a bed, just a thin mat.

He looked at the door. Thick metal, but he could open it, he was sure. How many guards? Kylo concentrated.

Only one?

Surely he was worth more than one guard?

Did they think he was dead? If so, why put him in a cell? A cell clearly stripped of anything they thought he might use as a weapon. No, they knew he was alive. Maybe they were relying on his injuries to make him slow, weak.

Kylo weighed his options. Break out and… Go where? He could steal a shuttle… Then what? For all his powers, all his abilities, he had nothing.


The name slid across his brain like a sharp edge. He would find Hux and destroy him, return to his rightful place as Supreme Leader of the First Order.

But there were easier, better ways than just stealing a ship. After all, the Resistance had no love for Hux, either.

A common enemy.

All he had to do was show a little bit of remorse and the Resistance would be eating out of his hand. Rey in particular.

It would take time. He couldn’t just switch sides abruptly. A Jedi wielded patience as one of his greatest weapons.

You are no Jedi, a voice whispered. It sounded an awful lot like Uncle Luke.

I am more powerful than any Jedi, he answered. And I will use the Force against them.

Kylo got to his feet, took a deep breath, stepped to the door… and knocked.

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