Television: Elementary, "Nobody Lives Forever"

Except, you know, Highlander. THE Highlander, I guess. But there were two of those: Connor and Duncan. MacLeod. And then a bunch of other—you know what? Never mind.

(My college nickname was Methos, btw.)

This episode sees the return of Alfredo, Sherlock's former sponsor. He wants Sherlock to help him rob a guy who owes him money for work he did on cars. Alfredo needs this money to help his ne'er-do-well brother. Sherlock doesn't like this brother and therefore refuses. Until he's repeatedly confronted by people telling him that this is really about how he feels about Mycroft, and that Sherlock preaches forgiveness but doesn't exhibit it, etc. Let's just say there's a certain amount of emotional pummeling that occurs to make Sherlock reconsider. He tries to write Alfredo a check (and lies, saying he robbed the guy himself), but Alfredo is still grumpy, so Sherlock gives the money to Alfredo's brother directly. And then sends someone to find Mycroft.

If you recall, Mycroft went underground in South America or something after being pursued by mobsters(?) . . . I don't remember, and it probably doesn't much matter. Sherlock is mostly irritated because that particular mobster network has been made null and void, yet Mycroft never came home. In a fit of "fine then, I don't care about you either," Sherlock refused for a long time to reach out. Until now. Only to discover Mycroft is dead. (Guess Rhys Ifans was busy.)

None of the above is the core of the episode, btw. It's the B plot. The A plot is something about a dead biologist that had been working on what amounts to a cure for death. Once again, the capitalist did it. Basically, there is a $5 million prize awarded to anyone who can make progress toward immortality, and this biologist was getting close. But the son of the guy awarding the money doesn't want anyone to have the money cuz, hey, that's his inheritance. So . . . yeah. That's pretty much the whole thing. You can see why I gave more space to the B plot.

Still, they didn't seem to give much time to Mycroft's passing. It comes out of the blue at the very end of the episode. With Dracula Daddy Holmes returning in the next episode, maybe they will deal more with it then and there. I haven't watched that one yet, so don't tell me!

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