Television: Elementary, "Sand Trap"

Uh . . . IIRC, this is the one about the woman who worked on plans for a boat that would clean the ocean or something? Her body is found in a cement block at a construction site. Turns out she actually discovered that sand trawling in the river was destabilizing a major bridge, so some people from the city (I think? I don't even remember) killed her to keep her from blabbing. Cuz they'd rather make money and have lots of people die than, you know, not have lots of people die?

What's the end game there, I have to wonder. If the bridge falls, surely these guys will eventually be discovered anyway? And lose all their money and go to prison? I don't really know, it's just a thought.

When watching Elementary you can usually put your money on the capitalists as the culprits, though.

Meanwhile, Joan hosts a pregnant college student who is planning to put her baby up for adoption. Joan frets that her unusual circumstances will make her an unappealing option for potential parent. But the pregnant lady instead finds Joan inspiring and decides to keep her baby. Joan still loses, but in a flattering way?

Maybe they should start by just, I dunno, babysitting or something. That could make for a really fun episode, actually. I'd like to see a little more humor injected into things.

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