Tarot of Delphi

I have a new favorite Tarot deck.

Let me elaborate a bit by saying that I buy many decks because I think they're pretty or otherwise intriguing. But it's rare that I find one that really speaks to me from the get-go. Most of my decks I have to tussle with a bit before we come to understand one another. (And a few, we never do manage to speak the same language.)

With only one deck prior to this one have I had that kind of immediate connection: my Harmonious Tarot deck. I keep that one by my bed and use it every morning for my personal readings. But now I can add the Tarot of Delphi as its companion.

This deck was a Kickstarter baby. And the moment I saw it, I felt that marvelous zing! As if Eros had just shot me straight through. I couldn't wait to get my hands on this beautiful deck:

Yes, it uses classical paintings! *swoon*

It comes packaged in a sturdy, lovely box with a nice booklet that explains the theme of each painting and its corresponding meaning/influence for readings. So while it may help to know what you're looking at when you read the cards—that is, it might help to have some ideas about the paintings and what they're depicting—it's not required. The booklet will fill you in.

There are two different Empress cards, too, so you can pick whichever one speaks most to you, or even use both as they have slightly different connotations. Ah, the challenges of choosing from all the beautiful art! I feel J.D. Hildegard Hinkel's pain. But she's done a fantastic job, and the deck is gorgeous. The cards are a nice weight and size. Glossy, so a little slick, if that makes a difference to you. And the minor arcana feature icons as well as their titles (see the photo for examples of the Wands and Swords).

Some differences from the standard decks: The court cards here are the Devotee, the Artisan, the Hero, and the Enchantress. The traditional Wheel of Fortune is the Threads of Fate in this deck (see the photo), the Hanged Man has become The One Torn Asunder, the Devil is now The Siren, the Tower is The Shipwreck, and the World is The Garden.

As for reading, well, as I said, I had an immediate connection to the cards when I first saw them online, and that didn't fail me once I had them in hand. My first two readings with them were spot on. But of course you may feel differently, and your mileage may vary. I, for one, can't wait to do more with them! I absolutely love this deck!

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