Adverse Possession and "A.B.C."

I crossed a black cat's path this morning. Hope I brought him good luck.

It being Monday the 13th, I didn't think the day would amount to much. But! First of all, my short story "A.B.C."—which was published by Futures Mysterious Anthology Magazine way back in 2004—has been recorded by voice actor Noelle Messier. You can hear it here.

Second, I've seen a final cut of Adverse Possession. And Rolling Circle is sending it off to the San Francisco Independent Film Festival. Finger, toes, everything crossed it gets accepted and we'll get to see it on the big screen! I will share the film as soon as I am able, but for now it must remain under wraps to keep it from being disqualified.

It's very exciting as a writer to see and hear your words coming to life! I am so grateful to everyone who has made it happen, and all my friends and supporters who have cheered me on.

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