Television: Selfie, "Un-Tag My Heart"

Yeah, I don't know about this show. I wanted to watch another episode to see if it would at least make me laugh, and I did—once. It was the Sugar Ray thing that did it.

Really, though, I think this is made for younger viewers than me. I, like Henry, am Generation X. And yet I do know how to use Facebook and have a good time. So maybe I take a bit of offense in the portrayal of Henry. And maybe that makes me a fuddy-duddy. But it just seems to me that whoever is writing this show is promoting Eliza and making more fun of Henry, while honestly Eliza's behavior is the epitome of a lot of what is wrong with the self-absorbed younger generations. Yet despite the premise that Henry is going to reform her, they seem to be going with Eliza needing less help than Henry. She'll reform him.

That's fine, to a point. But there needs to be more balance between the two.

Also, Eliza's voice over is awful.

Anyway, I might give it one more episode, but thus far I'm underwhelmed. Selfie has potential, but they're pushing it in all the wrong directions.

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