Television: Gracepoint 1.4

The plot(s) thicken(s).

The phone number found in Danny's sweatshirt belongs to Lars Pierson, which is apparently the backpacker seen with Danny a day or so before he was murdered. Pierson is a veteran with a history of psychosis. Beth says she's seen him before; he came to the visitors center where she works and saw a photo of her kids while he was there.

Meanwhile, we knew Chloe got the cocaine from Dean, and now the police know that, too. Carver nearly has a heart attack when he and Miller chase Dean down. Then comes the tracing of the thread back to Dean having picked Danny up one afternoon when he saw Danny standing by the side of the road a good distance from home. This was the same day Dean went to get the cocaine from a dealer friend. And Dean says Danny swiped a crossword puzzle book and a pen from a gas station. Video cameras at the station confirm this.

Okay, but where did the $500 come from?

Turns out Susan Wright (the lady in the trailer) lied about having called Mark Solano to work in the rental hut. And then she hits up Vince and tries to make him come to dinner, going so far as to buy a live chicken to kill and cook. But of course Vince, who makes it clear he wants nothing to do with Susan, doesn't show. There was something pretty pathetic about that scene, in which Susan gives Vince's dinner to her dog.

Speaking of dinner, the best scene of the night: Miller asking Carver to come have dinner at her place. The look on Carver's face is priceless, as if he's never heard of such a thing: Going to someone's house to eat? And, like, be social? Miller clearly isn't too keen on it, either, but she perseveres. We'll get to enjoy what happens there next week, I suppose.

The episode ends with a Viking funeral burning boat.

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