Movies: Harmontown

This is (or was) exactly as much as I knew about Dan Harmon going into watching this documentary: Community.

I love that show, so . . .

Anyway, Harmontown is a very entertaining documentary that follows Dan Harmon on a podcasting tour while also reviewing some of the highs and lows in his professional career. And it was a pretty revealing portrait. Harmon is funny but can also be cutting. As a writer, he uses words both well and to great effect (for good or ill). And like many writers, he also uses words as his shield. He puts himself out there and relishes the accolades and gets bitter when they are not forthcoming. Because writing is a very personal thing—and being on stage even more so—so criticism feels brutal.

I think the most painful moment (to me, as a writer) came when Harmon was taking a call from CBS with notes on his script. Ouch. Reminded me why I've decided to focus more on my prose.

More than anything, Harmontown introduced me to someone not so different from myself, a man with talent whose mouth can get him into trouble . . . I'll take Dan Harmon as a lesson and try to be mindful as I continue to build my career.

Definitely worth watching, particularly if you're a writer, but I think pretty much anyone would be entertained.

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