Television: Doctor Who, "Kill the Moon"

This one felt like some kind of pseudo-abortion argument. Not that it took sides; even the Doctor ducked out of the debate and was like, "Let's leave it to the women!"

If you're wondering what the actual plot was, well, the moon—yes, Earth's moon—turns out to be a really big egg. And it's hatching. And the question is whether to destroy it before that happens, thereby killing whatever unknown creature is about to be born, or . . . Not.

They went the extra mile of stupid by explaining the fact that there is still a moon in the future because [spoilers!] the hatchling lays another egg as it flies off into space. So . . . Does that mean another space creature will need to come fertilize that egg? Or will it be a dormant egg?

Whatever. It honestly wasn't all that great an episode. For one thing, this need to start in medias res is getting really old. It's become so common that it holds no power. There is no tension in it.

And then bringing the schoolgirl? Meh. Plus, they're really working to make the Doctor a bit too much like Sherlock. Saying things that hurt, without realizing his bluntness is painful to others . . . Once again, one could have lifted some of his dialogue and stuffed it into Sherlock's mouth and it would have read the same. Clara = John, trying to keep the Doctor "human(e)."

The start of the episode had the makings of a horror film. But in a very generic "people in space are in danger" kind of way. And then things just went off the rails with the whole egg thing, and the Doctor disappearing and saying to Clara, Courtney (that's the schoolgirl), and some other NASA woman, "You decide!" So that at the end of the episode Clara is furious with him for not helping them decide. And the Doctor argues that he was respecting their intelligence (read: rights?) . . . This was actually the only strong part of the episode because the argument is a fair one. The Doctor thought he was being respectful by staying out of it, and Clara is angry because for once she/they really needed his input. It ends with her telling him to go away and never come back.

Seems unlikely.


Christine Rains said...

I felt it fell short too. I really do not like having the schoolgirl involved, and my fingers are crossed that she's NOT the next companion. Her character is way too inconsistent. I really hoped that what was hatching was a star whale. Did we ever really see it? This season is flopping. Keith has stated he no longer cares to watch it. Guess I'm sticking it out on my own.

M said...

No, I don't think we got a good look at whatever hatched. Scott is like Keith; he pretty much doesn't care any more!