Television: Gotham, "Viper"

Let me just start by pointing out that if you want to be stealthy, jumping onto a car isn't really the way to go. Yeah, sure, cats do it. But teenage girls are not cats, even when they pretend they are. Jumping on a car is not an effective strategy. Hiding behind the car would be better.

This episode revolved around a new street drug, the titular Viper, that gave people super strength and a major milk craving before turning their bones to dust and killing them. In a roundabout way we discover one of the Wayne Corp. subsidiaries was producing the drug as a possible combat booster. But the guy who worked on the drug felt guilty about it and decided to go vigilante and bring Viper to the attention of the wider world. His tactic was to give it to homeless people and buskers. Hmm. Because killing people when you feel bad about making a product that kills people makes complete sense, right? This guy sucks at whistleblowing.

Tangentially, young Master Bruce began taking an interest in the way Wayne Corp. does business.

And there was some stuff with the Penguin, and also with Fish Mooney training her new protegée.

I'll say it again: I have trouble giving this show my complete attention. It has some good stuff, but it also has a lot of slow and boring stuff (like the Penguin, which I know will pay off in the long run, but right now it's really dragging, and in the meantime I'm waiting for Nigma to become Riddler), and it has a lot of excruciatingly bad stuff, too (like the whole Fish Mooney subplot; Jada is great, but the story is awful).

Best moment of the night: "What is altruism?!" Seriously, Gordon and Bullock just need to be in a whole other show.

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