Television: Gracepoint 1.3

What did we learn? That Mark Solano is not someone to admire. He has a temper, may have sometimes hit Danny, and is cheating on his pregnant wife. Okay, he doesn't know Beth is pregnant, but that doesn't excuse his behavior.

Still . . . I can't really like the interplay between Carver and Miller. It's simply done so much better in Broadchurch, whereas here the writers (Chibnall, I guess) seem to be trying to make it more contentious. Maybe he figures that better suits American sensibilities. To have Carver be a hard-nosed asshole and Miller be angry about the job thing and sort of hate him . . . And again with Carver's medical issues being pushed in our faces. I guess they figure Americans don't quite get subtlety. In any case, I much prefer the grudging admiration Hardy and Miller have in Broadchurch and the way the unease slowly melted. There's just much better chemistry there, and possibly better writing as well.

Honestly, though, aside from all the Mark Solano information, we got very little in terms of data to put toward solving the crime. Blood on Mark's boat (that he says came from Danny catching a fishing hook in his foot). And the fact that he probably hadn't done any plumbing work at the cabin? So why is his print at the crime scene? Or, really (because so far as I recall there was no sign of a break-in), who had the keys to the cabin the night Danny died?

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