Television: Gracepoint 1.5

Suspicious grows around Jack (but be honest, you're all just calling him "Nick Nolte" right?), with hints that he might be a pedophile and news that a similar murder took place years before in an area near which Jack was living at the time. When Jack also "finds" Danny's missing cell phone . . .

Susan Wright (aka "Trailer Lady") also has a hidden past that includes a different name than the one she lives under now. When the editor of Gracepoint's newspaper tries to talk to her, Wright threatens her.

And for the record: Paul Coates is the worst reverend ever. Just not at all inspiring. I miss Rory. (Which is to say, I miss Arthur Darvill, who played the reverend in Broadchurch.) He was way better.

Pete is still a dope.

And the Solanos decide to talk to the press, thus throwing a wrench in the investigation as now more press and paparazzi are coming to town and complicating things.

And Carver (a) has dinner with the Millers, revealing he doesn't totally suck as a person, and (b) ends up in the hospital after some cardiac event. But checks himself out of the hospital with only Gemma Fisher the wiser. Well, and the hospital staff, one supposes. Makes you wonder about the police in Gracepoint, though, if they can't even detect their boss is, like, ill . . .

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