Television: Scorpion, "Shorthanded"

The more I see of Scorpion, the more it reminds me of late-80s and early-90s television. And yeah, it worries me a bit. Because this probably means I'm getting old. Like, now I watch two shows on CBS?! WTF?!

In "Shorthanded," the team heads to Vegas for a private job helping a casino (run by Corbin Bernsen, which again just proves how old I am, since I recognized him right away) figure out why it was losing money. Walter, as taskmaster, attempts to keep everyone from having fun, at least until the job is done. Which takes almost no time at all.

Really, this is The A-Team meets MacGyver. Scorpion = the Phoenix Foundation. But instead of one cool guy (and his sometimes sidekick Jack), we get MacGyver himself split into four different people.

I never watched The A-Team, but hell yeah was I a MacGyver fan. "Mac" was one of the nicknames my classmates gave me. They'd even give me duct tape on my birthday. (Now I'm starting to wonder if maybe they didn't actually like me . . .)

Anyway, things go south when the casino is robbed right after Scorpion puts in a new security system. Walter ends up in jail, and the rest of the team scrambles to solve the mystery of who actually did rob the casino. A pretty basic plot, but the writers are good about putting in some nice touches. Even barring the ridiculous coincidence of Walter ending up in the same cell as the card dealer he got fired (for having small hands and therefore dealing too slowly), it was nice to see Walter able to redeem himself a bit there.

Still, are there any female writers on this show? Because Happy and Paige need some punching up in their dialogue. Yeesh.

I don't know what it says about me that I enjoy this show. Maybe it's just a nostalgia thing. Maybe the episodic plots will wear thin before long. But for now I'll keep watching. After Gotham, Scorpion is much lighter fare.

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