Television: Scorpion, "True Colors"

An art forgery plot. But having the Shadout Mapes Linda Hunt there goes a long way toward enlivening things.

There was also the whole, "Now we all talk to the federal psychiatrist" thing. You know, so they can be cleared for duty. Sigh.

I feel like they're hitting the Walter-as-infallible-leader thing a bit hard. Every episode has some focus on Walter and his lack of emotion or empathy, and then how much his team trusts him and needs him, and I'm starting to feel beat over the head by it.

The episode itself was pretty rote. A painting at a museum is a fake. Go find the real one. But when the mission falls apart, the team is remanded to a psychiatrist to see if they are actually fit for their jobs. So we get the mission intercut with the psych evaluations. Would have been more interesting, perhaps, if it had been the old debriefing plot where you get everyone's versions of what happened. That always tells the viewer something interesting about the characters: what they focus on, for example, what they notice. But whatever.

Scorpion just got picked up for a full season. Let's see if they can ease up on hitting the Walter button quite so hard. I know he's the central character, but this is really an ensemble, or it should be. There's plenty of room here for expansion.

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