Television: Selfie, "Nugget of Wisdom"

We've discovered this show works much better as an ensemble than it does when focusing too much on Eliza. She is, in fact, the weakest part of the show.

In this episode, Henry makes Eliza promise to do something selfless over the weekend, and she in turn makes Henry promise to do something fun. For her end of the bargain, Eliza helps Charmonique get ready for her high school reunion . . . And is then also forced to babysit Charmonique's son Kevin when the sitter gets sick. Charmonique is hoping to reconnect with a high school sweetheart, but he turns out to have become a priest.

Meanwhile, Henry is heartbroken over the announcement the company plans to discontinue making the children's vitamin that was his first ever rebranding project. He struggles not to work on the problem over the weekend and eventually ends up over at Charmonique's, helping Eliza with Kevin. Then Henry and Eliza luck into a new marketing strategy for the vitamins. Hey, for Henry work is fun. That's how he enjoys his weekend!

The show is getting better incrementally. Episodes that spread the attention over a few additional characters are the best. Good use of the boss guy; not too much of him because a little goes a long way. We got Larry last week (and Joan), and this week it was Charmonique's turn. Maybe we'll get Charlie before long. Or more of the book club girls.

The difficulty lies in Eliza. The thesis of the show is that she needs to change, and that Henry will help her evolve. But for the series to go on for any amount of time, Eliza cannot change, or at least can only do so incredibly slowly. And she's kind of insufferable as she is. Which is why she, like the boss, is better in smaller doses or tempered by having Henry there to offset her. Charmonique also does a fair job of balancing Eliza out.

I don't love Selfie, and if I were to run out of time for television, I could probably drop it without much remorse. But for now it can stay on my schedule and we'll see how things progress.

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